If you’ve been a fan of Donald Glover, this will be great news for you! You may know Donald as Troy from Community or rap star Childish Gambino. Actor, writer, rapper, stand-up comedian, hes a man of many talents. If you know all these things then I am sure you’ve heard of the #Donald4SpiderMan movement to get him to audition for the lead role in live action The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Sadly, he did not get it, but he’ll still get to play Spider-Man in a new light. Donald is to play as a half African-American, half Hispanic hero as Spider-Man named Miles Morales on the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man. This is great news to see one of my idols finally get to fulfill part of his dream that hes been striving for so long. The character even looks like Donald Glover! Check out the clip below. You can catch this Sunday’s Ultimate Spider-Man featuring Donald Glover on Disney XD this Sunday at 9am EST. 


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