Just because a game has simplified mechanics, that does not mean it cannot be complex. Honestly, anything that’s simple at it’s foundation can be made complex since the base of such things offer you the freedom intuitively to make things so. Hell, I even made the first two sentences of a very simple idea I’m trying to convey complex to further prove my point. At C2E2, I found that Divekick is one of those games that you can truly paraphrase as “simply complex”. It’s a spot on description and while this may not always be the winning formula for games nowadays, Divekick more than makes it work in it’s favor.




For those of you who’ve never heard of Iron Galaxy Studios’ title Divekick, allow me to give you a brief synopsis. Divekick is a two button fighting game where in order to win, all you simply have to do is perform a “dive-kick” on your opponent. In a first-to-five battle, players go back an forth jumping and then performing dive-kicks until one has struck the other. Sounds simple enough right? Well hold on one second folks.




What makes Divekick complex is the characters and their assortment of special moves and abilities. Some players are faster than others, while some can change their trajectory if you hit the “Kick” button again after performing a divekick, while others may have less of a speed advantage but their kick attacks are more difficult to evade. “Kick factor” speeds your character up and allows them to jump higher . Given the variety of options and the uniqueness each character provides, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Divekick has “tech”.




The best thing about Divekick is the amount of services paid to the fighting game community. There are so many funny references to the fighting game culture in this that if you’re a true fan of fighting games or the competitive fighting scene, you cannot help but be amused. You’ll see everything from odes to your favorite fighting game memes to inclusion of popular fighting game slang, to fighting game tournament organizers being parodied as characters in the game. This game was made for the FGC by the FGC.




I had the opportunity to play Divekick at PAX East, but it wasn’t until getting a closer, more intimate look at the game at C2E2 that I realized how brilliant it truly is. We’ve had our eyes on it since it’s unveiling at UFGT8 and we’re going to continue to do so leading up to it’s official release. Divekick has been announced be hitting the PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Iron Galaxy is also trying to get the game green-lit on Steam so let’s all do our part in making this happen.


Help Divekick and vote for them on Greenlight to get on Steam! 

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