Last week Bungie held the first of multiple streams that will detail the upcoming Destiny DLC, Destiny: House of Wolves. I, along with a large group of people, were disappointed with the Darkness Below DLC. The Dark Below only gave us a couple short missions, weapons, and a glitchy raid. The next peice of DLC is going to include a new game mode, new weapons and new armor. Some people are upset at the fact that there will be no raid included in House of Wolves and I am not 100 percent sure why it was exclude. There are statistics out there that state that only 15 percent of Destiny players complete the raids. There is no info stating that this impacted the House of Wolves update. Just speculation.

The most exciting news included in this update in my opinion is the ability to upgrade old gear. This most recent update will introduce a new type of currency that can be used to upgrade old legendary guns and armor. Now my Vault of Glass and Krota raid armor still mean something. For more information on the upcoming update check out the Twitch video below.

Watch live video from Bungie on Twitch

Source: Bungie

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