More bad news from the beloved developer based out in Santa Monica — Naughty Dog’s (now former) lead artist, Nate Wells, has just announced his withdrawal  from the renowned developer through his personal twitter. Wells has left Naughty Dog to work for The Unfinished Swan‘s developer, Giant Sparrow.



Wells previously worked for Irrational Games for 13 years, and left the developer  after the completion of Bioshock: Infinite to join Naughty Dog and work on The Last of Us.

Agonizingly, this is not the only piece of news coming from Naughty Dog — actor and writer Todd Stashwick, is no longer involved with voicing the antagonist in the forthcoming Uncharted game. “They chose to recast my role.” Stashwick  sullenly told IGN. The actor has been engaged in the project for around 6 months, with a teaser trailer being an early product of his work on it.



The effect that Stashwick’s recent departure had on development cycle on the game remains to be unseen. With all the recent departures, one can assume that there will be a delay of the game, but Sony has retorted that the game is still on their targeted track.

Stashwick was recently announced as a new writer for Visceral Games’ unannounced Star Wars game, and is now working alongside Naughty Dog’s former creative director and now Visceral games’ new game director, Amy Hennig. It is unknown if Stashwick’s new employment with Visceral had any cause to the recasting. This is just the latest product of the ongoing and unknown turmoil that is currently plaguing Naughty Dog.  Stashwick’s and Well’s departures were preceded by Amy Hennig’s and Justin Richmond’s own separation from the prestigious studio. With the quality and consistency that Naughty Dog has with its games, hearing about all of the bad news pouring from award winning studio is a a bit unnerving, to say the least.


Source IGN

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