Let’s take a moment to be honest with ourselves — everyone loves getting things in the mail. Whether it’s a birthday card from your Great Aunt Sheila or the 20 items you bought on Amazon the last time you drank too much, there’s nothing better than opening the door and finding a package with your name on it. Lucky for me, yesterday was my day.

Yesterday, I took a moment to emerge from my hummus coma to find a magical box sitting on the table. My Loot Crate, every nerd’s monthly wet dream, had arrived — and my first Loot Crate, to be exact. Such mystery! Such intrigue! What was in the damn box?!

This month’s Loot Crate theme was “Console Wars”. With the recent release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as the Wii U still ┬álingering creepily in the corner screaming “notice me”, fans around the world are still yelling at each other via the internet, insisting that their console brand of choice is superior. So, it’s only natural that Loot Crate would choose such a debated topic to theme. To make things better, rumors were flying that this month’s Loot Crate was to feature a shirt! Console wars, t-shirts, and mystery items — if that’s not something to spend $20 on, I’m not sure what it.

Gird your loins, folks, we’re goin’ in.

DSC_0043If you’re unfamiliar with Loot Crate, allow me to learn you a thing. Loot Crate is a monthly club that delivers some seriously swaggerific gear to the geek and gaming community. The goal is to equip looters with the newest and best items from budding companies, including apparel, snacks, toys, art, and tech hardware. The crates deliver 6-8 items every month in a handy-dandy little mystery box, and every month brings along with it a new theme.┬áThis month’s ‘Console War’ crate was filled with 7 geeky items, many of which were aimed directly at gamers.


Console Wars II T-shirt

DSC_0066This shirt is probably the best item to mar the lines between geek and gaming culture. The t-shirt, currently up on Shirt Woot!, is a hilarious depiction of the current console war. The Xbox AT-AT’s are under attack from the Wii U’s, and PlayStation’s Sack Boy is content with unleashing pure hell on both of them. The new battle of Hoth is underway! The shirt retails for $15.

Grip-It Control Protectors

DSC_0081 DSC_0079These control protectors by Grip It are the perfect accessory to accompany you into the console war. They not only fit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but also the next-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No longer shall your thumbs slip during your time of need, fellow gamers. Grip-It Protector’s retail for $5.

Tin-Tastic Creative Activity Set

DSC_0092 DSC_0091DSC_0088Collectibles! Collectibles everywhere! These activity kits by Funko not only come with the coolest erasers known to man, but also a pair of awesome pencils and badass stickers — and the the hell doesn’t like sticker? The tin itself can be used for whatever you want, and I won’t ask questions. The Tin-Tastic Creativity Set retails anywhere from $9-$14.


DSC_0083These Energems, put out by NRG Innovations, are pretty much like candy — with a kick. Perfect for those all-night gaming sessions, a box of Energems has the energy of 3 energy drinks, as well as B-vitamins. They’re caffeine loaded M&Ms, really. What’s better than that? Energems retail for $3 a box.

Bravest Wars Sticker

DSC_0071It’s tough to say who really shot first, but I’m willing to bet that Catbug and his Chewbaca Impossibear are definitely guilty of something. This Bravest Warrior’s sticker by Mike Vasquez is a great homage to the beloved and super weird internet series, and now I’m kind of bummed out that I don’t have more of them. This awesome-sauce sticker retails for… well, I can’t say. It was made especially for Loot Crate. It’s priceless, people. Priceless.

Split Personality Wristband

DSC_0093 copyNo longer do you have to decide what end of the nerd spectrum you fall upon. With this wristband by Loot Crate Labs, you can have the best of both worlds. We’re all such a huge part of geek culture, so it’s time we all start taking pride in it. Wear it around, spot other looters, and just get down with your weird self.

Legends Never Die Magnet

DSC_0075Here’s another item from the Loot Crate Labs vault. Pay homage to the console heroes that came before. These old-timers will live on in the hearts of many gamers, so let’s not forget ’em. This magnet will stick to anything that…. magnets stick on. Loot Crate Lab items are pretty much priceless, so cherish this lovely little magnet. Stick it on all the things!

So, after all is said and done, this month’s Crate is definitely worth the money, and it’s comes with a lot of items I don’t think I would have ever bought on my own. Also included in the Crate was a candy cane and the latest issue of Loot Crate’s newsletter. The crate also came with a $5 off coupon for Shirt Woot!, so I’m pretty damn pumped for that.

If you haven’t signed up for Loot Crate yet, I highly suggest you do. You can choose from a monthly plan, a 3 month plan, or a 12 month plan, and they’re all reasonably priced. Make sure you visit the site and sign up. Once you do, you can start signing up some of your friends, and can earn money for doing so! It’s a win-win situation here, people. AND! Use LOOT2014 when you sign up and save $3 on any plan! Fly, my pretties, fly!

DSC_0067Have a happy holidays, ya’ll.

And, as always — thanks for reading, nerds.

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