It’s almost March, and that means Dark Souls II is fast approaching. The time has come again for gamers everywhere to pick up their controllers and abandon hope, because they are about to die. Do not fret, fellow soul suckers, dying is a part of living. You must rally the will to press on! After all, those undead aren’t gonna’ stab themselves in the back. Check out the newest trailer for Dark Souls II!

Game Informer’s recent interview with Yui Tanimura, Director of Dark Souls II, has revealed some significant changes in the game. Brace yourselves Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls fans, we have voice chat. That right, voice chat between players will be enabled after another player is summoned. I’m not sure if this means you’ll be bale to talk to your invaders, but this is a sigh of relief for sure.  Speaking of invaders, players will now be able to be invaded while hollowed. For anyone that doesn’t know, that means you can have another player come into your game and kill you, even if you are not even alive. Essentially, nowhere is safe now… I know. All that relief you felt is leaving your body in the form of tears. It’s okay; Tanimura has made it clear that covenants and certain other game elements will help balance out the way invasion now works. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to play this game. Dark Souls II comes out on March 11th. See you in another life, gamers.

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