Assassin’s Creed cosplay has never looked so good.

The second annual GaymerX convention took place over the weekend here in San Francisco, and with it came a massive collection of unique and talented personalities. From casual to core, gamers—gay and straight—came out from all over the world to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, as well as to talk about serious issues surrounding the industry. There was even cosplay — really, really impressive cosplay.

There were Links, Marios, Little Brothers, and boxes. Did I mention these boxes were female assassins?


The photo really doesn’t justify how absurdly poetic these two women were in real life. The photo, tweeted by Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian, is a visual representation of the latest Ubisoft debacle — you know, the one where their laziness got called out by the entire internet.

The two women donned blowup Assassin’s Creed swords and passive aggressive black boxes to call Ubisoft out on their lack of inclusion — opting for yet another male assassin for their next installment in the famed AC franchise. When the internet rose up to argue the merits of having one more male character, the award-winning studio responded with what may be the most abysmal PR mistake of recent times.

“Women are just too hard to animate.”

It was, in a broad sense, a massive failure. With its own hashtag, #womenaretoohardtoanimate, this has become one of the most widely talked about issues in the industry this year, and it seems that it’s not going anywhere — at least not for a while.

I spent a great deal of time in the presence of these two hilarious women, and the comments I caught may be the most delightfully amusing things I’ve ever heard — my favorite being “where the hell did you even find googly eyes that damn big?”

Of course, there’s a lot you can’t see on the costumes, including witty little quips that turn the long-running game’s creed on its head, one box reading “Nothing is true (except men),” while the other read, “Everything is Permitted (except boobs).” The boxes were an overwhelming success, and with Ubisoft employees in attendance at the convention, there was never a dull moment.

Feast your eyes on a full 360 look at the costumes (serious props to “spiders??”):

This isn’t the first time Ubisoft has been called out for their poor choice of words, and chances are it won’t be the last. This little debacle is sure to haunt the AAA dev company for quite sometime, and something tells me the rise of black boxes is on the horizon.



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