The core gaming community has been vocal about voicing their distaste for the Xbox One’s mandating of Kinect 2.0. While I personally don’t find this to be a threat to my privacy like many others do, perhaps there is an argument that can be made that Microsoft’s required camera is a bit invasive. With the recent PRISM debacle in which the government seized the voice and data records possessed by Verizon Wireless customers, many folks have been on edge about all technology being intrusive into their private lives.


Needless to say, Kinect 2.0 and the Xbox One’s rough pre-launch woes continue, as their latest trials have reached mainstream media and now, Comedy Central. Comedian Lewis Black decided to take a few jabs at the Xbox One, should be add-on and even included a little bit of swearing in his “Back To Black” segment. Youch! It seems like Microsoft is taking all the punches to the gut right now. Check out the video for yourself down below.





Via: Joystiq



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