The Oculus 3D is a virtual reality helmet that puts you into the game that you are playing. This is an example of some of the pretty crazy tech showcased at CES. But first off, shout out to HipHopGamer who helped demonstrate the Oculus and to Nate Michell and Palmer Luckey for presenting this great tech.


As of right now, the Oculus runs in 720p, but they are trying to reach 1080p. The tech demo of the Oculus takes advantage of the full potential of the Unreal Engine 3, which looks amazing, but that wasn’t enough for the team. The Oculus team wants to test the limits of virtual reality with the Unreal Engine 4. There is still no word on when the Oculus will be released or the price range.

Check out footage below:

For more about the Oculus Rift, check here:

And if you like HipHopGamer, please check his site:

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