Mad Catz is well known for their prestigious console peripherals. But it appears from their showing at this year’sCES Unveiled that they are looking to gain some acclaim in another field of gaming. The angriest of felineswere on hand to show off their GameSmart line of mobile gaming peripherals, which are all powered by awesome Bluetooth Smart technology. This of course is indeed awesome, because it allows for these devices to be cross platform compatible as well as have insane battery life.

One of the first gizmos that caught my eye at the Mad Catz set-up was the C.T.R.L.R. This bad boy was supporting Bluetooth® Smart v4.0 technology and felt pretty much identical to an Xbox 360 controller. The goal for this was to bring more of a console like experience to mobile devices hence the dual analog sticks, d-pad, fully equipped triggers, shoulder buttons and face buttons. The controller had a very low latency rate, which was impressive, but still something that I see being improved over time.

The R.A.T.M and the M.O.U.S.9 are Mad Catz latest and greatest start-of-the-art gaming mouses also built withGameSmart technology. M.O.U.S.9 is built more for home use, with a laser sensor that can track on a wider range of surfaces than a normal mouse and new profiles for home and office applications like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. The R.A.T.M (which is cleverly named a “RAT” since it’s considered a “mean mouse”) is more so a high powered gaming mouse that includes a Nano Dongle USB receiver, an adjustable palm rest, 12 action buttons (10 of which are programmable) and a power-efficient 6400 DPI twin-eye laser sensor. The designs on these at first glance may appear to be what’d you’d imagine Optimus Prime’s fecal discharge to be like,but after actually holding them in hand, you realize these are craftily sculpted peripherals.

Which is what we’ve come to expect of Mad Catz as they’ve been top dogs in the gaming accessories market for a while. If anyone can assist in easing us into the imminent incline of mobile gaming, it’d be them right? The win about GameSmart is that you can operate these products on anything from your mobile phone to your PC. Definitely something to keep an eye out for and a direct competitor to the likes of PowerA and their MOGA controller. Keep an eye out here for more on the Mad Catz gear and GameSmart technology in the coming days of CES.

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