Gird your loins, my beautiful little geek nuggets — Cannon Brawl is coming.

If you’ve been keeping up with me at all, you’ll know that I’ve been all over indies as of late. Independent studios from every corner of the earth are popping out some pretty spectacular games, and I’ve been gobbling them up like nobody’s business. Although I’ve played a great deal that I could consider some of my favorites, nothing beats my love for Cannon Brawl. The tower defense-esque RTS from the duo over at Turtle Sandbox is hands down one of the most addicting games that I’ve played in the last few years, and through their early-release beta, thousands of others have had the pleasure of experience the mayhem.

Now, the mayhem can be shared by any and all, because Cannon Brawl will officially be hitting Steam in full-force on September 19th. Can you feel it now, Mr. Krabs?


Cannon Brawl is the indie game we all deserve. It’s the next big thing in the real-time strategy artillery genre. The 2D action game from Oakland-based developers Turtle Sandbox is one that’s easy to dive into, but challenging to master. The goals are simple: you have your base, and your enemy has theirs. In order to win, you’ll have to destroy it. Oh, did I mention you’ll have to tear through earth, massive cannons, rocket launchers, and even bribe your way to victory?

The game itself has been in a two year development cycle, and when it hit its alpha phase on Steam in early July of 2013, it was an overwhelming success. Now, here we are a year later, and Cannon Brawl is quite the indie masterpiece. Now that it’s finally done with it’s beta phase, Turtle Sandbox is ready to release the final product to the word, and we here at Max Level are excited. No, we’re thrilled.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet for you, my geek darlings: buy Cannon Brawl — you definitely won’t regret it. You can still take part in purchasing the early access product on Steam, and the final product will be available for you come September 19th.

Cannon Brawl is available for PC, Mac and Linux-based systems.

Happy gaming, nerds!

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