It looks like Infinity Ward’s next installment in the Call Of Duty franchise has surfaced on the internet today. Multiple retail listings have proven the existence of Call Of Duty: Ghost, showing the release date to be on November 5th. Of course, we all knew Activision was going to continue with their serving of annual Call Of Duty games, but there are a couple of interesting things to be noticed.




The first one being, this is obviously not a Modern Warfare game. Since 2007, Modern Warfare has been the premiere first person shooter game of this generation. It appears now, however, that Activision and Infinity Ward are moving on to something new this time around. Could this possibly be the end of the Modern Warfare series?




The other thing to be noticed, is the title of this game, which is “Ghosts”. Many might assume this is the rumored spin-off title that was supposed to follow Modern Warfare 2 fan favorite “Ghost”. However, the title is not Call Of Duty “Ghost”, but “Call of Duty: Ghosts”. Which would leave me to believe this game will follow the special soldier type known as “Ghosts” as opposed to the character from Modern Warfare 2. Hope I didn’t confuse you guys too much with that explanation.


In any effect, there are a ton of things to be speculated about the upcoming COD game. Right now it’s being said to come out on the traditional current gen platforms it normally comes on but one can only assume it’s going to hit the next generation platforms as well. We’ll have more on Call Of Duty as the updates unfold. Until then, Stay Frosty soldiers!

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