Every week, the magical unicorn that is the Humble Bundle brings together gaming and charity in a way no one else can ever match. It’s the “pay what you want and game your day away” deal that no gamer can resist. If you pay a little more, you’ll be gaming until the end of time. The humble bundle is changing the game and the world $1 at a time, and the community can sleep a little better at night knowing that their time spent in front of the television eating Cheetos is not in vain.

This time around, Humble Bundle delivers a bundle Gotham needs, and definitely the bundle Gotham deserves. Hold on to your panties, folks, because for $1, you can now own WB’s Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also receive WB’s other hit games, including F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin, F.E.A.R 3, and Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Oh? You still want more? Well, allow me.

If you pay more than the average — that’s a whopping $4.60 — you’ll unlock Batman: Arkham City GOTY and Scribblenauts Unlimited.

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Oh, sorry. That’s exactly what excitement looks like, you guys. Now I know all of this seems amazing, but don’t take it for granted! Although you only have to pay a dollar, I encourage to give as much as you can. After all, we are supporting charity here, dudes. This week’s charity is a fitting one, indeed! When you buy the bundle, a portion of your donation (determined by you!) will go to We Can Be Heroes, a charity designed to raise awareness and critical funds needed to fight the devastating hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa, as well as and help and hope to eight million people who are in urgent need of assistance. The campaign is led by DC’s most iconic characters — total justice league action — and has already helped over 5 million individuals in need. Their tagline? “In a time of crisis, one small act can make you a hero.” Hell, if that’s not an epic opening line for a graphic novel, I don’t know what is. I feel so inspired reading it that I’m basically throwing money at my computer screen right now.


With 13 days left, the Humble WB Bundle has already raised over $1 million for charity. So really, this is going to be the biggest humble bundle in history — possibly beating out the Humble Origin Bundle which raised over $10.5 million. We’re already seeing some sizable donation pour in from some pretty interesting people — including Bruce Wayne, Nightwing, ‘DonCoreLeon’, and Alfred. Ya’ll, if the Godfather can donate on the day his daughter is to be married, so can you.

Be sure to visit the Humble Bundle website to learn more about this crazy cool-tastic deal, and donate what you can to this amazing cause. While you’re there, don’t forget about the Humble Weekly Sale, supporting Child’s Play and the American Red Cross.

And, as always — thanks for reading, nerds.

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