Zombies, sci-fi, horror, oh my! If any of those things got you even the least bit excited, then boy, do I have some cool news for you. This weekend, Atlanta will be home to one of the newest and most exciting cons in the south-east: Walker Stalker Con, running November 1st-3rd.


As is stands, Georgia is already host to a slew of film and television projects, but it’s most popular endeavor is television’s highest-watched show of the decade — The Walking Dead. Filmed in Senoia, Georgia, the show focuses on a group of people attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Viewers are witness to the truth about the human psyche, as well as the strength of the human spirit. And, of course, there are zombies.

Although Walker Stalker Con is one of the most exclusive cons for Walking Dead fans, there’s more than truly meets the eye. If you’re a fan of horror or sci-fi, then you should damn well be ready to attend! We’ll be seeing the one and only scream queen, Danielle Harris, as well as familiar faces from Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, The Twilight Zone, Gremlins, Friday the 13th, and so much more.

As far as the Walking Dead is concerned, you can count on pretty much the entire cast to be there, including Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Steven Yeun, and Melissa McBride. There are dozens of panels planned, Q&A sessions in the works, and there will even be exclusive autograph and photo sessions available for all con-goers. You can find a full list of guests here, as well as a panel schedule.


Did I mention we’ll also be seeing him? AHHH.

Admission to Walker Stalker Con starts as low at $30, so there’s definitely no reason why you shouldn’t be there. Guests under 10 do not require a ticket, so bring the entire family! Just watch out — saturday night’s Zombie Bash party is a non-family friendly 18+ event, so leave the kids with the zombie sitter. The Westin provides special rates for con-goers, so don’t worry if you’re flying in from out of town — we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for any more information regarding the Con, be sure to visit the website — there’s tons of other information on there, including a list of vendors that will make your head spin. I’ll be covering the event all 3 days, so I hope to see you guys out there (don’t forget to come say hey!). So go shower, get on your best looking t-shirt, and make your way out to Atlanta, where the zombies play and the mayhem never stops.


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