September is always the month that people dread— a time of the year that harkens back to the conclusion of summer and the subsequent relinquishing of carefree puerility.


On the topic of puerile antics, airbenders will be making a reappearance on the 13th of September—the debut date set for the “Legend of Korra”, Book Two: Spirit.


A teaser has been shown on Nickelodeon, and a portion of the first chapter in Book Two– titled “Rebel Spirits”– has been seen on the Internet. Judging from the latterly mentioned bit of media—among other sources– three things can be assumed from the upcoming season: Hiroshi Sato is incarcerated and his daughter is the new CEO of Future Industries—something that clearly has Asami in a state of conflict, Mako has a new job with the Republic City Police Department—a job that he takes while Korra delves deeper into her spirituality as the Avatar, and—most prominently—the story will feature a revelatory chapter where the “Avatar” universe will be fleshed out in an unprecedented manner.


Asami Sato Legend of Korra



Hiroshi Sato is a man of intriguing nature. While his maniacal CEO profile is sheerly jeer-provoking, his motives stem from a legitimate source—one of a lost love.


With Hiroshi incarcerated, Asami—Hiroshi’s daughter and a member of the new Team Avatar—is the new shot-caller of Future Industries. But, a private facial expression that she flashes during the clip from “Rebel Spirits” is one of internal doubt.


With the aforementioned in mind, this is something to consider: could Asami end up defecting?


While the new villain is unknown, it is clear that Asami is unsure about her choices in Book One. Moreover, the creators of “Legend of Korra” appear to be playing with themes that are “opposite” to those in their original series—“Avatar: The Last Airbender”.


Gender aside, Korra is—in many ways—the opposite of Aang, who was the protagonist in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. Aang was a reluctant Avatar, whose playful and carefree nature had to be undermined in order to complete his onerous task of defeating the menacing Fire Nation.


In contrast, Korra is a stern protagonist who wholly embraces her identity as the Avatar. Moreover, she lacks the lightheartedness that Aang displayed—a grittier character who isn’t afraid to go “toe to toe” with anybody.


Additionally, the “opposite” theme could also apply to Asami, who might end up being the Anti- Zuko. In “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, Zuko was a character who started out as Aang’s arch-nemesis. But, toward the climax of the series, Zuko proved to be one of the most dynamic characters in “Avatar”—completing his metamorphosis into a stalwart ally for Aang, Katara, Toph, and Sokka.


Considering what is known about Zuko and Asami, it is possible that Asami could eventually betray Korra, Mako, and Bolin. Already spurned by Mako in favor of Korra, Asami showed interspersed moments of venom toward the latter. And, it must be true that she harbors some level of resentment toward Mako– this in spite of a platonic kiss on the cheek that she gave to him toward the end of Book One.


Considering the two aforementioned facts—along with her display of self-doubt in the early chapters of Book Two—it is entirely possible that she could eventually join the ranks of the latest “Avatar” villain, who has yet to be revealed.


What would make this interesting is that—while she could become evil—her betrayal would be for completely relatable reasons, which makes her character arc progressively more of a photo negative to Zuko’s character arc. She may have a hard time being seen as a traitor by her father, and the shame—mixed with her latent foul feelings about Mako and Korra—could drive her into an antagonistic role.


Korra and Mako

Credit: Avatar Wikia


Mako appears to be slowly progressing into the realm of “quintessential badass”. In addition to dating the Avatar, who is the world’s most powerful bender, Mako appears to be occupied with speeding through the steampunkish landscapes of Republic City on a motorcycle during “Rebel Spirits”. The motive for which is to round up the occupants of Republic City’s  criminal underworld—the role of a police officer.


This is interesting on several levels; in the conclusion of Book One, Korra and Mako proclaimed their mutually held affection. But, there have been several instances in the “Avatar” lore where the protagonist was forced to clash with the law in order to fulfill a task of greater importance.


Korra and Mako are awash in sheer infatuation, but it is entirely possible that Korra’s spiritual duties as the Avatar could clash with her feelings for Mako. Moreover, it is possible that Mako’s new occupation could directly interfere with Korra’s role as the Avatar.


Such was seen in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, where Aang was forced to let go of his feelings for Katara in order to obtain complete control of his Avatar powers. The creators could further draw on this parallel and force Korra and Mako’s relationship into turbulence.


Wan, the First Avatar



But—most notably—the new “Legend of Korra” season will give interesting new insight into the lore of the “Avatar” universe. According to IGN, it was announced at the San Diego Comic Con that the first incarnation of the Avatar would be making an appearance in Book Two.


Given the Avatar’s ability to commune with past incarnations, a conversation between Korra and Wan—the first Avatar—is something that can be held in the realm of distinct possibility.


Making an appearance in his own special, Wan’s tale will be chronicling stories of the distant past– something that will certainly have heavy implications on Korra’s immediate nemesis.


In “Avatar: the Last Airbender”, one of the most memorable episodes was “The Avatar and the Fire Lord”– a past-exploring chapter from Book Three. It can be expected for Wan’s chapter to be equally notable as a highlight of the series.


Expect “Legend of Korra” to be making a reappearance on September 13th, 2013 at 7 P.M Eastern Time on Nickelodeon. And, expect for the epic saga to be expanded by yet another equally grand chapter.

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