While many may still be busy recovering from the announcement a few months back that Irrational Studios is no more, 2K Games has announced a new way to experience the first foray into the world of Rapture.

BioShock, the first game in the trilogy of the famed series, will make it’s way to iOS devices. So this is what that mysterious tweet meant?

Fans will be able to die in to the grand and mysterious world of Rapture on the go now on their iPhone and iPad, peeling back each layer of Raptures story, taking down Big Daddy’s, and firing off plasmids at terrifying Splicers, all from the comfort of a city bus.

Bioshock ios big daddy and sister

Try not to harvest little sisters in public though.

However, the famed 2007 classic won’t look nearly as pretty as it did before, unfortunately. The breathtaking graphics of the original have been much scaled down to run as smoothly as possible on iOS devices. The game is rumored to hover around at 30 frames per second. Seen here in a IGN comparison video, colors look less vibrant, flame effects look noticeably worse, and the textures are much muddier. The look of Rapture adds a lot to the overall immersion of BioShock, and it’s a bit disappointing to see it so stripped down. However, it’s a solid looking mobile game, and it’s quite impressive that WE CAN PLAY BIOSHOCK ON OUR PHONES!

would you kindly ios

Well, if you insist.


Speaking of playing on our phones, the controls are a big part of making the experience smoothly transition to mobile devices. Two virtual thumb sticks appear on screen wherever your thumbs so desire. Firing, ducking, plasmids, and other actions appear in a HUD on the lower portion of the screen. And according to Gamespot’s time with the iPad port: “The touch-screen adaption of the controls, surprisingly, works well for navigating the game’s underwater world and switching between weapons and powers. But, at least after the short play session I spent with this build, it’s not quite fine-tuned enough for combat on the harder difficulties.” However, Gamespot goes on to state the experience of the game vastly improves with a tablet gaming controller, Gamespot specifically using the MOGA Hero Power controller.

In terms of changes to the gameplay there’s nothing too drastic. Jumping has been removed from the players power, although that function didn’t play a big role in BioShock. Achivements/trophies have been replaced with iOS Game Center Rewards.


spilcers ios

2K China, hard at work on the game.

With Irrationals closing, development duties will go to 2K China. 2K noted that the port will only be able to run on the iPad Air, iPad with Retina, iPad Mini with Retina, and the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c. The game will not be playable on iOS devices older than those listed, which may leave the large amount of iPhone 4 users disappointed. Android users will also be left out in the cold with older iOS users as well, as there are no plans for an Android version. Shall it be called BiOShock then?

2K was vague on the release date, mentioning a “later this summer” date, and that the game would be a “premium price”. The “premium price” may be tough to swallow for some fans, as the game is often sold for very cheap, sometimes in a outstanding Steam triple pack deal with BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite that is a true circus of value.


circus of value ios

Such value. Much savings.

And again, BioShock for iOS devices will launch later this summer. Would you kindly keep coming back to MaxLevel for more details?


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