Quantic Dreams recently revealed the Beyond: Two Souls Box art and it’s looking beautifully epic. Its very cinematic and conveys a lot of emotion coming from the main character. The box art really looks like something you would see in theaters.   This makes sense since the game looks like a movie; not to mentions the fact that Ellen page will be the lead actress in the game as Jodie.



Here is what Quantic Dreams had so say about the box art:

Developing the pack front for a game like BEYOND is always an exciting challenge. BEYOND is so unique in the sense that it spans a character’s entire lifetime and takes place in such a vast array of locations and situations, that picking a singular image to represent the game effectively really does feel like digging for a needle in a haystack. What age do we want Jodie to be in the image? Do we include co-star Willem Dafoe? Do you show Jodie doing something dynamic or do we show her more at peace? These are all questions we had to ask ourselves throughout the process (among a great deal of other questions!).

If you have not seen Willem Dafoe’s reveal Trailer check that out

Beyond: Two Souls is set to release  October 8th exclusive to the PS3.

source: Playstation Blog

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