Battlefield: Hardline is shaping up to be one of the most thrilling cops-and-robbers video game of the past few years, and now, EA is finally giving gamers a taste of some campaign action.

Recently shown at this year’s EA Gamescom Press Conference, the twelve minute gameplay demo shows off a delightful amount of seriously impressive mechanics — many of which look like brand new additions to the long-running Battlefield franchise. The most noticeable and exciting addition is the ability to subdue and handcuff foes. Not only that, but we’ll also be seeing a scanning mechanic come into play, allowing you to not only spot lurking enemies, but surveillances devices as well.

Take a look for yourself:

We also got a small taste of the taser in the demo. In true Syphon Filter style, players will be able to perform non-lethal takedowns using this shocking weapon — just don’t expect to engulf your enemies in flames.

While twelve minutes isn’t a whole lot of time to form a lasting opinion, it’s safe to say that Battlefield: Hardline will be a much more stealth-based entry in the famed war franchise, with this entry being headed by Dead Space studio Visceral Games. It appears to be taking some mechanic hints from a slew of beloved stealth titles for their new style of storytelling, and it definitely appears to be a refreshing take on over-played FPS campaigns. According to Visceral, the twelve minute clip was shot entirely in-game, meaning we can expect some killer visuals.

Battlefield: Hardline has been delayed until early 2015, but is set to drop for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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