Rejoice, for the Battlefield Hardline closed beta has received a week extension! The beta was set to end today, but EA has decided to give us more time with the beta. Yesterday on the PlayStation Blog, Vincent Vukovic, Dice’s Community Manager made the announcement:

The team at Visceral Games would like to thank those that have participated in the Battlefield Hardline closed beta. We’ve seen some incredible feats demonstrated on the virtual streets of LA – everything from massive breach charge explosions and intense heists to criminals riding shotgun and cops banding together to protect vaults. All of your time spent in game and feedback shared with us will help shape Battlefield Hardline over the coming months. It is with excitement that we announce the Battlefield Hardline beta will continue for an additional week, ending on Thursday, June 26th at 12:00PM PST.

This gives both PS4 and PC users more time to rob vaults as criminals, or protect those very vaults as police officers. If you have yet to play the beta there is still time to register —  registration is still open for both PS4 and PC users on the website: Hurry, because registration closes on June 22nd, and PS4 users still have to wait for an email invite to access the beta.

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