Battlefield 4! It’s here!…kinda…The game is currently running its beta phase and if you are anything like me, you probably pumped 5+ hours of your life into the game already. With that being said, some of you may be new to the franchise, some of you may be coming over from other first-person shooters and some of you may be double dipping your FPS-ery. In any event, here are some basic training tips that could save you or your teammates life.


5) K/D is irrelevant

Battlefield is not a game where you are trying to be the lone wolf with the top score. Battlefield is an objective based game with objective based mechanics. It is great that you went 25 and 1, dawg, but your team lost… terribly.

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4) Running into an Objective will get you killed

You may be used to running to an objective or capture point but Battlefield is not the place for blindly running into an open area or building. Your dedication and desire to capture is noted and appreciated, but take your time! Ease your way into the hot zone. Crouch, crawl, and run. Observe the area you’re looking to take over — 9 times out of 10, there will be someone watching, especially if its an objective point that has been switching hands the entire match.


Play The Objective

3) Learn the Cover/Lean System

The smallest barricade or shrubbery is your best friend and you may not think so now, but come back to us when you start diving behind a tire; it may just save your life.  Find out which direction the sun is setting and place yourself facing opposite, you’ll blind your opponents naturally. This also works both ways; find out which way the sun is pointing so you don’t blind yourself going into a firefight.  Leaning around a corner is much better than exposing your entire body to the enemy and it’s as simple as sighting in. Helicopter positioned above you? Finding a place that has cover above you sounds simple right? You’d be surprised how many people run out in the open from a Heli. Tank positioned in front of you? Get behind buildings or exit through tight spaces that are inaccessible to tanks. Also, this may sound like a dumb tip, but run in the opposite direction of where the turret set up, it takes time to aim it.


2) Practice using vehicles and know which ones you are comfortable with

Flying in a plane or commanding a helicopter sounds badass right? Well it is! But your teammates won’t think so if you lift off and only to then proceed to nose dive into mother earth. Luckily there will be a practice zone available for people to get accustomed and get flight time in these vehicles. But if you find that you are just not that great of a pilot, do not pick the vehicle in game just because you believe it’s cool. You are only helping the enemy. Instead, get yourself into a tank! Tanks are awesome too! Who doesn’t love blowing stuff up?


1) Teamwork Teamwork Teamwork

This is the most important tip anyone can learn while playing a Battlefield game: new players and veterans alike must not steer from the path of teamwork. At it’s core, teamwork is the difference between a victory or a close loss. You get put into a squad right off the bat in Battlefield 4. I won’t sit here and tell you that every squad you get placed in will want to utilize teamwork, but a good amount of BF veterans are always looking for cooperative team players, even if you die all the time. You have the option of exiting a squad and putting yourself into another. Keep an eye on squads that have high scores and try to join those, they tend to be the ones working well together. Deploying in on a squad member is a good sign that you’re trying to help out and they may do the same in the future. That simple gesture could be the catalyst for forming a cohesive squad.



That concludes Battlefield Basic Training 101. What are you waiting for? Get in there.

And while you’re at it, toss me some ammo!

What are some of your basic tips you play by and teach others?


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4 Responses

  1. dougie

    And also play your class properly.
    Medics – throw down medi packs and revive team mates.
    Support – throw down that ammo!
    Engineers – repair, repair, repair!

    • Brian Jakubson

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Playing your kit is extremely important for the success of squad and your team. Which classes do you find yourself playing the most and for any particular reason?

      I tend to play as Medic and engineer the most just because of their ability to help push an objective.

      • Alexander

        Used to be the Medic in BC 2 but they moved the LMG’s to the support class. Nothing like placing that baby on a good wide vantage point, pinning the enemy down and letting your team pick them off. Just wish they’d give the LMG back to the medic, two most powerful abilities in the game, killing and healing.

      • Brian Jakubson

        I haven’t dove into the support class sense then but I do like the firepower so I may dabble in it pending on the map.

        I will admit, I do Recon a good amount as well, but I don’t camp. I’m a moving sniper that is for sure haha Though I have been known to post up if I know or see a location being bombarded. Nothing better than painting a target and having your team come in with a Heli or Jet and blow it up 🙂

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