Issue: Batman Detective Comics #23.1 The Green Kingdom
Written by Derek Fridolfs
Art by Javier Pina
Published by DC Comics

* It’s villain’s month in the DCU and things have been getting pretty crazy.
All the standard run releases are being taken over by a villain for one issue, some are tie-ins and some are neat, interesting origin stories.

“Civilization is the occasional, and always temporary, interruption of the jungle. “

Pros: Things have changed after the events of Trinity War. Batman, and perhaps the Justice League, is nowhere to be found.

The issue opens with Poison Ivy walking the streets of Gotham, commenting on how it’s revealed its true
“nature” and that the city is tearing itself apart. There’s an interesting comparison she makes about Gotham to Arkham prison.  Now I know what you’re thinking {sounds boring} but the backdrop of the story sets up for an interesting narrative to tell the origin of story Poison Ivy.

As Poison Ivy wonders the streets of Gotham she sees situation happening that trigger memories or experiences from her past that helped make her who she is today. Like, how a woman running to protect her daughter reminds her of her abusive father or how seeing GCPD officers reminds her of the time she was an intern at Wayne Enterprises in the Bio-Chem division.  

These events feel very relatable and humanize Ivy. The transitions between the current event and the flashbacks flow naturally together, without feeling forced or abrupt.

The changes in art style are there to differentiate between the parts of the story that deal with flashbacks and the parts that don’t. The art works well to fit with Poison Ivy’s personality and is gorgeous to look at it.  

Cons: I didn’t really have problems with this issue. I don’t read batman a lot and this was a steady read.

The Verdict: It’s a little lighter in tone, it has its dark moments when it needs it but it’s not as dark as the way a standard Batman story can be. Overall, I thought that was a good thing.
The ending of this issue could pick up into the next issue but even if it doesn’t that’s fine too.
A high recommend.

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