Back in 2007, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ripped me way from Halo. With each following game, the Call of Duty franchise began to lose me little by little. There weren’t any big leaps in the gameplay or graphics department. The game just wasn’t as fun as it once was.

With the new consoles I expected for the first Call of Duty game to be amazing. Information started to be released and I was disappointed. I even tried to trick myself into being excited…..that didn’t happen. I couldn’t force myself to spend my hard earned money on the game (I ended up with Battlefield and that is another story of regret). I was able to play the game over a weekend where the multiplayer was free. It just didn’t feel good.

In 2014 I found what I have been looking for. I took a chance a bought Advanced Warfare and I was not disappointed. Overall, the game feels like old Call of Duty with an added flare. If you weren’t a Call of Duty fan before, this may not change your mind but for me, I feel refreshed. The addition of Exo abilities add a little variety to gameplay. It gives player gameplay options that they didn’t have before when it comes to multiplayer. Another thing that I am sure all people are happy about is the new graphics engine (finally). The game looks great and I can see a future where it may get even better.

One thing that concerns me is the next game in the series. With the addition of the exo suit and added mobility, what will the next game offer. I don’t think that mobility can be removed from the game now. This seems to be an issue when you have 3 different studios with 3 potentially different sets of ideas for their game. I guess we won’t have to wait long to see how that turns out.

PS: If I can make one request….give me Call of Duty 2 again. Goodnight.

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