AVerMedia has revealed their latest video game capture card for the current-generation and next-generation systems. The ExtremeCap U3 delivers uncompressed HD video that is capable of capturing up to 1080P 60 frames per second (FPS). This device will be compatible with all current generation and next generation systems.

Some new interesting features are the ability to capture footage with USB 3.0, which is a first for AVerMedia, and many other devices do not have this feature yet. There is an USB 3.0 Diagnosis Tool that tests the USB 3.0 slot to ensure if it can capture uncompressed 1080P 60FPS footage. Another interesting feature AVerMedia is advertising is that you can play on the preview window without any lag from the device. The Live Gamer Portable had amazingly low lag in the capture window, and it is the best I have seen in comparison with other devices. So to see AVerMedia is improving and stating that USB 3.0 fixes the latency caused by USB 2.0, is a great accomplishment and hopefully a standard on all future capture devices.

Streaming and capturing gameplay uses the same typical stream programs such as RECentral (AVerMedia in-house software), XSplit, OBS, WireCast, VLC, and etc. One other neat feature of the ExtremeCap U3 is that it allows users to edit directly with Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Currently AVerMedia has gave no word on price or release date, but stay tuned as we will bring you the review of this truly next-generation product for this upcoming generation.


Source: AverMedia ExtremeCap U3 Product Page

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