Assassin’s Creed is easily one of the most successful gaming franchises under Ubisoft. This may be the reason that they are constantly cranking out the new and different versions of this game. Today Ubisoft revealed Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. This installment takes place during the industrial revolution in London. You will be playing as Jacob Frye, an assassin with strong ties to the criminal underworld. The footage shown is labeled as pre-alpha but you can already preorder the game.

I am interested to get more information about the game. If you pay close attention to the trailer you can see some hints to different types of gameplay mechanics not seen in previous games. Ubisoft confirmed that the game will be releasing October 23rd of this year. That seems really soon but let’s see if it get’s push back. For more information you can follow Ubisoft on Twitter. If you missed the reveal you can check out the trailer and event video below.

Source: Ubisoft

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