After five episodes, I’m comfortable saying that Arrow is a fundamentally better show than it was in Season 1, and that’s saying a lot considering how good the first season was. The production values are better. The acting and action choreography have risen to a higher standard. And the many conflicts and subplots are just all-around more engaging. “League of Assassins” delivered another winner for the series as it delved more deeply into Sara Lance and her connection to Ra’s al Ghul’s little club.

Not only did it dig more deeply into some of the backstory of Sarah Lance’s situation but she was the primary of focus of this episode, as it should be.  There were flashbacks galore in this episode, more so given the depth of this Canary character. I’ve said once that the flashbacks are the best part of this show and these didn’t disappoint.

But outside of the flashbacks, this episode concerned itself mainly with Sara’s efforts to protect her family from the wrath of the League of Assassins, which put Sara in a very interesting position, as she had to find a way to protect Laurel and Quentin (her father) without blowing her cover. In the end though the fact that she revealed to him that she was indeed still alive was risky, and puts him at risk, but it also allows for an interesting character dynamic because now he has to keep her entire life a secret.

It was definitely an emotional episode. Both the reunion and departure scenes between Quentin and Sara were great, I thought, rivaling Tommy’s death last season for the emotional impact.

If there’s one weak point with the overall direction of the series right now, it’s still Laurel. This is not a character viewers need any further reason to dislike, and yet the writers added fuel to the fire by having her take an active role with the prosecution of Moira. It can certainly be argued that she feels she can do more to help Moira by working with this asshole of a D.A. rather than simply abstaining, but the impression this episode gave of her role was more one of cold indifference. Diggle also doesn’t get much focus here, but that’s fine seeing as next week’s episode will apparently revolve around him…and Deadshot!

Overall, “League of Assassins” was a very cohesive episode for a show that always seems to be perpetually juggling one more subplot than it can handle. Everything tied into Sara’s fight with the League, whether directly or indirectly (in the case of Moira and the subject of keeping secrets from loved ones).

 Arrow is really on a hot streak right now. The addition of Black Canary and the League of Assassins to the mix has done wonders for the overall tone and direction of the show. This episode proved to be one of the most focused and engaging yet… and without a doubt has had some of the most powerful moments in the show’s history as well. Also, how awesome was that Batman Begins reference?!


What did you think of “League of Assassins?” Get your elaboration on below. Just be considerate and remember to use spoiler tabs!

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