There is an epic battle that will soon ensue between the present and the future of gaming. It’s going to be quite gruesome and one of them is going to walk out of 2013 as the most controversial and hyped parts of our beloved medium. Welcome to the new year, where AAA title buzz can be overshadowed by anticipation of next generation console hype.

Ahem… let me slow down as this is beginning to sound like the sequel to Looper. All I’m saying is that this year there are so many good games coming out, but next generation consoles are going to close out the year which leaves you to wonder which will get the most attention. We have 6 months until E3, where these new consoles will likely be announced. All of the AAA titles are hitting in the spring for the most part, making it even more obvious that we’re going to be seeing next gen consoles around the holidays.

We also have Ouya and the rumored “SteamBox” hitting in the year as well. There’s sure to be a lot of controversy around those two, some of which may serve as an overcast to current gen titles day in the sun. Needless to say, this is surely going to be a very interesting year for gamers. What do you guys think? Will this year be a strong last year for the current gen or will it be out-shined by the imminent move into the next generation?

Sidenote: Why do PlayStation prototype controllers always look like fucking boomerangs?

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